Flamingo's Awnings Of Florida, is a company with 10 years of experience in the market for awnings.
Designing, manufacturing and installing commercial and residential awnings throughout South Florida. We use the best materials in the market for both structures to clothe it that what makes us No. 1 company in the state. We have a tin of designers, decorators, designers and architects for the creation of their designs. We also have a team of workers such as welders, seamstresses and installers with extensive experience.
We carry a large collection of classic canvas awnings and canvas canopies to add protection from the elements and lower energy costs. These affordable fabric awnings and fabric canopies will be custom-made to your order.
- Free Estimates in your business or home.
- Professional Installation by our Trained Technicians
- Fabric Recovering of Your Existing Awnings
Re-leveling & Pitch Adjustment for any Model Awning
- Frame Repair & Replacemen

We Accept All Majors Credit Card....